The Ancient Key

Wendy Luck in the Great Pyramid

Recorded inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Wendy Luck creates a stunning, original tapestry of consummate flute technique coupled with deep soulfulness. Enchantingly sacred sounds are evocative, healing, and serene.

“Sounds that are serene and spiritual. I am reminded of the sacred sound of the Shofar.” ~ Bernie Siegel, MD – Author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

~ Improvijazzation Nation

"The Ancient Key contains healing powers and all of us remain thankful for those who have been graced with the task of carrying these precious gifts. A pyramidal vision emerges once again throughout these "sound meditations.” I know you'll enjoy them as deeply as I have."
~ Pat Martino, Jazz Guitarist

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The Ancient Key 1. The Ancient Key
Night Prayer 2. Night Prayer
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Sacred Mysteries 5. Sacred Mysteries
Sphinx Syrinx 6. Sphinx Syrinx
Voices in Stone 7. Voices in Stone

Desert Ship 8. Desert Ship
PreludeCafe 9. Hidden Temple
Winds of the Sahara 10. Winds of the Sahara
Blue Star 11. Blue Star
Beyond the Veil 12. Beyond the Veil
7th Ray 13. 7th Ray
The Return 14. The Return


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