The Ancient Journey

Wendy Luck Along the Nile

Recorded in the temples along the Nile and inside the Great Pyramid, Wendy Luck’s compelling original solo flute and vocal work, ethnic instruments, and natural sounds of the environment take you on a sacred journey down the Nile in Egypt.

“Elegant, mysterious, and enchanting.” ~ Songwriter’s Monthly

"The work of Wendy Luck is so uplifting that the soul seeks to take leave of the body and momentarily feels the space of the missing capstone. Her flute recharges the nervous energy, strengthening energy potential for contact with the Divine Mind." ~ JJ Hurtak, Ph.D. - Author of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

"A harmonizer by nature, Wendy is gifted with being able to tap into truly transformative energy, ground it, and serve as a conduit to elevate ordinary consciousness into spiritual awareness." ~ Carey Lubow, Healer and Kirlian Photographer

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The Ancient Journey 1. The Ancient Journey
Gift of the Nile 2. Gift of the Nile
Atlantean Return 3. Atlantean Return
Hall of Whispers 4. Hall of Whispers
Holy of Holies 5. Holy of Holies
Call of Destiny 6. Call of Destiny
Seventh Doorway 7. Seventh Doorway
Al-Bahari 8. Al-Bahari
PreludeCafe 9. Pillars of Karnak
Indigo Dreamsong 10. Indigo Dreamsong

Isis Dance 11. Isis Dance
Lapis Lazuli 12. Lapis Lazuli
Eye of Horus 13. Eye of Horus
Desert Angels 14. Desert Angels
Eye of Horus 13. Eye of Horus
Desert Angels 14. Desert Angels
Veil of Tears 15. Veil of Tears
Call to Prayer 16. Call to Prayer
Bedouin 17. Bedouin
Alabaster Shadows 18. Alabaster Shadows

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