It was another very gray, dreary, not yet spring morning, as I headed out the door decked with my headset in place. I was headed for the subway, beginning to familiarize myself with the song, Stand Up, in preparation for my upcoming recording session. I got on the C train, and on this day, the “C” stood for crowded. I locked eyes with an old man sitting on the train leaning on his cane. In my earbuds only, I heard the lyrics urging, “Stand up… Stand up.” Suddenly the man stood up and said, “I am going to stand up. You sit.” 

I sat down and looked up and into the eyes of a weary pregnant woman in her last weeks. The lyrics again danced in my earbuds… “Stand up… Stand up.” This time I stood up and waved her into my seat. She sat, and pretty soon a number of passengers started smiling, laughing, and standing up, offering their seats to others on the subway car. 

As the train pulled into my stop at Times Square, a few of up got off, smiling like old friends. We had connected by standing up together. On that initially dreary morning, the music, as soundtrack to my life, seemed to magically transform me and somehow those around me, with a sparkling inspiration to stand up for ourselves and for others, and to have some fun in the process. It happened in New York City, so it can happen anywhere. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share my music with you. This album of songs is about “standing up” while connecting with the joy, passion and love that resides within each of us. The title song, “Stand Up,” offers a universal message, and for me, a unique deeper personal meaning. May the music speak to you, bless you, lift you, and encourage you to stand up to the beautiful truth of who you really are.

Peace and blessings, Wendy