Aquatic Information

One Woman Show

“Wendy Luck is elegant, hilarious and wise. Aquatic Information is a feast for theatergoers.”
~ Adriana Trigiani, New York Times Best Selling Author

“An amazing presence on stage.” ~ Beo Morales, Producer

“Wonderful! I loved the show.” ~ Jerome Kitzke, Composer

“A unique, creative vision.” ~ Dave Meade, Drummer

All is born from water. Genetic strands of aquatic information inspire an avant-garde pilgrimage through mystical terrain, roots and ancestral healing. Told through music, comedy, multimedia, and unusual characters, we journey with child-like wonder, to a philosophically quirky vision of personal discovery, evolution, and universal transcendence.


About the Show

Aquatic Information (live performance work) is a multimedia presentation consisting of Wendy Luck’s own original compositions, video backdrops, live video projection, characters, and staging.  As a flutist, vocalist, composer, actress, and multimedia artist, Ms. Luck interweaves a miraculously discovered old cassette tape of her Russian Jewish grandmother telling her story of escaping from the Bolsheviks, and another tape made from an old 78 rpm record of Wendy’s grandfather chanting cantorial trope, together with the experience of her own American assimilation and a newfound spiritual awareness. In embracing the past by honoring her stories and songs, she wishes to give a voice to those heroes that never were truly able to have a voice. In doing so, she finds her own voice able to sing from a burgeoning place of creative freedom. The work is a kind of ritual, as it is a dedication to the generations passed who have paved the way for a better life. It is about metamorphosis, growth, and the exploration of aspects of Judaism, spirituality, metaphysics and humor. A personal story, with abstract symbols of a collective unconscious, creates a thought provoking experience that becomes universal as the past is transformed into the present.

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Offerings for the show package include post performance discussion, lecture, and/or workshop. The show is fitting for theatrical venues, colleges, events, retreats, and seminars.

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