The Ancient Key

One Woman Show

“Serene and spiritual.” ~ Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles

“Elegant, mysterious, and enchanting.” ~ Songwriter’s Monthly

“Contains healing powers.” ~ Pat Martino, Jazz guitarist

“Recharges contact with the Divine Mind.” ~ J.J. Hurtak, PhD, Author of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

The Ancient Key is alive. Come with me to a place and time long gone, yet undeniably present, where the sky is a deep lapis blue; the sand, waves of pearl, and a golden light conjures alluring mysticism. Let the mysteries of the Great Pyramid and the inviting resonance of the temples dance with you; taking you on a spiritual journey of timeless wisdom. Let the tears turn into crystal jewels that drop into the desert to at once replenish and renew. Let this ancient calling of sacred sights and sounds bring tranquility to your soul and inspire your heart.

About the Show

The Ancient Key (live performance work and also the title of one of Wendy’s CDs) involves uniquely edited video footage from Egypt, accompanied by her own original music on flutes, voice, and indigenous instruments. In performance, she touches deeply into the vibration of these ancient sites and brings it to her audience. The work brings together sound, ancient Egyptian structures, and healing symbols. As a flutist/vocalist/composer/multimedia artist, Wendy Luck’s music draws on many aspects of her musical background: classical, jazz, avant-garde, spiritual/healing, and non-western music, where unusual effects, new fingerings, harmonics, and non-standard concepts of pitch and scales come together to create new world music for the millennium. She has been asked by the Egyptian Embassy to become a “Music Ambassador of Peace,” performing her music/multimedia presentation at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Wendy Luck integrates music from her CDs The Ancient Key and The Ancient Journey, with video. About the music: The Ancient Key (CD): Recorded inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Wendy Luck creates a stunning, original tapestry of consummate flute technique coupled with deep soulfulness. Enchantingly sacred sounds are evocative, healing, and serene. The Ancient Journey (CD): Recorded in the temples along the Nile and inside the Great Pyramid, Wendy Luck’s compelling original solo flute and vocal work, ethnic instruments, and natural sounds of the environment take you on a sacred journey down the Nile.

Sound Samples

The Ancient Key The Ancient Key
Beyond the Veil Beyond the Veil
The Ancient Journey The Ancient Journey
Gift of the Nile Gift of the Nile

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Offerings for the show package include post performance discussion, lecture, and/or workshop. The show is fitting for theatrical venues, colleges, retreats, and seminars. Wendy is also available to provide purely meditative music (with or without video) for such venues.

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