What the Critics are Saying About See You in Rio

“A heartland girl that has conquered New York as well as the world with her flute and other talents, takes it down to Rio for a breezy date that we’re simply a sucker for. With nary a Brazilian chestnut in ear shot even when covering Jobim or Djavan, she holds her own down south with a crew of killer Brazilian cats behind her. Solid stuff that crosses the line from smooth jazz into that place where there’s something extra going on, even if you don’t grasp it right away. A tasty find from a player that is equally at home with uptown cocktail hours as she is with downtown after hours that knows all the right moves.” ~ Chris Spector,

“Wendy Luck is a consummate musician. Her artistic skill and grace shine through whether she is playing flute on a jazz tune, a choro, or a samba…or singing a ballad or a bossa nova. See You in Rio, her first recording of Brazilian music, is a gem.” ~ Randy Morse, “The Best of Brazil” KZUM, 89.3 FM

See You in Rio is a unique and charming release from Wendy Luck. Luck displays a warm and soothing voice on many of the Brazilian-flavored selections. She also impressively provides excellent flute solo work on a healthy dose of instrumentals. With heavy and multi-layered percussion work as a backdrop, Luck’s embracing flute punctuates optimistic pieces like “London Samba,’ “Serrado,” and “Bachianas Brasilieros No. 5.” Luck can also change moods, as on the lonely “Café 1930.” Her lilting and well ranged vocals are relaxed and clear. With addictive guitar rhythms, she holds back and then breaks out on songs like “Fotografia.” She holds low notes easily and unstrained, just like a woodwind instrument, as evident on “A Man Who Loves.” Charming and embracing, Luck could easily make it as either a vocalist or soloist. Let’s hope she keeps combining the two as she does on her wonderful See You in Rio.” ~ George Harris, All About Jazz-Los Angeles

“Adorned with talent, flutist/vocalist Wendy Luck’s new self-release See You in Rio has the ambiance of pure Brazilian feel. Launched in 2006, this decidedly refined collection of sound enhances the flute’s reputation for sensuality. This project does grasp the ambiance and tempo of the Brazilian atmosphere. This disc also showcases the multi-talents of Ms. Luck and the sounds around her. Joao Bosco’s rhythm section takes this disc and guides it through numerous moods. Cliff Korman’s majestic yet smooth ivories stimulate this production adding that special seduction of the Brazilian attitude, igniting any mood on any level. However, the enticing vocals of Ms. Luck just fuel and charge the most dormant of passions! “Bachianas Brasilieras No. 5” is simply a brilliant execution of the Spanish aura. The piece sincerely promotes the passion and sensitivity of the culture set to music. Luck’s flute at the end encapsulates that breathtaking journey of this spin. The title cut “See You in Rio” catapults this disk with an upbeat performance. Cyro Baptista’s percussion throughout the piece allows a smooth balance as the other sounds follow his strong foundation. If you want the feel of living on the edge, catch the “London Samba” express. This is a fabulous piece of instrumental precision. This experience just explodes with a plethora of sounds offering the listeners that true Latin appeal…Ms. Luck’s offering of See You in Rio generates that excitement that jazz should in this genre. The international flavor Ms. Luck demonstrates has the palettes of those fans just spinning for more. This is an excellent spin and one that will not go unnoticed.”~ Karl Stober, Ejazznews

“It’s a WONDERFUL disc! I like everything about it…. She has a beautiful voice, and her playing is top-notch.”
~ Randy Morse, “The Best of Brazil” KZUM, 89.3 FM

“Since launching her career with a four-year engagement as lead vocalist and flutist with the N.Y.C.’s Rainbow Room Big Band and the Latin jazz ensemble Southern Exposure, Wendy Luck has built a fascinating career performing with some of jazz/avant-garde greats, including Don Cherry, Dave Holland, and Ornette Coleman. Having performed everywhere from Italy and Morocco to Greece, Egypt, and Israel, she’s developed some serious wanderlust which has spilled over into her solo recordings. Her first two albums of originals were recorded in Egypt inside the Great Pyramid (The Ancient Key) and in temples along the Nile (The Ancient Journey). On See You in Rio, she shifts continents and sensibilities at the suggestion of pianist, producer, and arrangement Cliff Korman. Recording in Rio with the rhythm section of João Bosco’s band and in N.Y.C. with percussionist Cyro Baptista and bassist Sergio Brandao, Luck artfully mixes her soothing, laid-back and sensuous vocals and gentle flute melodies (sometimes on the same song, sometimes separately) on a set that includes a few lovely originals (“A Man Who Loves”) but is mostly focused on wonderful indigenous compositions that truly define the magic of Brazilian music. Some of the composers Luck covers are Joyce, Astor Piazzolla, Djavan, and Jobim. It’s generally a low-key celebration, but it brings all the sultry, sun-splashed magic of the genre to life beautifully. ~ Jonathan Widran, Rovi, I-Tunes

“Wendy Luck is a highly talented flutist, vocalist, and composer backed by superb musicians. These Brazilian rhythms are intoxicating.”
~ Bob Collins, “Jazz Café” WRHU, 88.7 FM

“Vocalist Wendy Luck offers the sounds of Brazil on a fourteen track new album of beautiful light jazz with a bossa nova and samba flavor recorded in Rio with several Brazilian masters. Luck not only provides the lush vocals but also plays flute on the session of percussive Brazilian jazz.” (Ed’s Pick)
~ Edward Blanco, “Serious Jazz” WDNA, 88.9 FM

“These are the warm sounds of Brazil. Vocalist/flutist Wendy Luck is accompanied by Cliff Korman (p), Kiko Freitas (d), Ney Conceicao (b), Nelson Faria (g) and several guest artists; notably Cyro Baptista (percussion). Wendy and Cliff add a few originals to mostly classic Brazilian tunes. We really liked the instrumentals “London Samba”, “Café 1930,” Luck’s soft flute on “Bachianas Brasilieras No. 5” and “Serrado.” Wendy is passionate about samba music and it comes through on the session.” ~ D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

“Wendy Luck’s See You in Rio…sweet voice…good control…pitch centered…good expression…believable…excellent flutist.”
~ Dr. Michael E. Matheny, Radio Io – World Internet Radio

What the Critics are Saying About
The Ancient Key and The Ancient Journey

“It’s clear from the first note that she’s fully capable, and totally in touch with that place where the music comes from. Simply put, she is a beautiful player. Solid and clear notes flow from her lips and caress your ears with the full range of her emotions! I just LOVED this CD…. gets our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ~ Improvijazzation Nation

The Ancient Key contains healing powers and all of us remain thankful for those who have been graced with the task of carrying these precious gifts. A pyramidal vision emerges once again throughout these “sound meditations”… I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.” ~ Pat Martino, Jazz Guitarist

“An experience of sacred sounds removed from the Great Pyramid that resounds in our hearts and quickens a deep journey into the interior of the Seventh wonder of the Ancient World as the world’s greatest musical instrument on earth. The work of Wendy Luck is so uplifting that the soul seeks to take leave of the body and momentarily feels the space of the missing capstone. Her flute recharges the nervous energy, strengthening energy potential for contact with the Divine Mind.” ~ J.J. Hurtak, PhD, Author of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

“Sounds that are serene and spiritual. I am reminded of the sacred sound of the Shofar.” ~ Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles

“Elegant, mysterious, and enchanting. Wendy’s tones float joyfully throughout the confines of the Great Pyramid…This relaxing, introspective album is simply breathtaking.” ~ Songwriter’s Monthly

“Wendy Luck combines a consummately trained ability, with a beautiful emotional quality found throughout the music that brings the listener to a brink of transcendence.” ~ Stephen Larsen, Author of A Fire in the Mind: The Life of Joseph Campbell

“A harmonizer by nature, Wendy is gifted with being able to tap into truly transformative energy, ground it, and serve as a conduit to elevate ordinary consciousness into spiritual awareness.” ~ Carey Lubow, Healer and Kirlian Photographer

“Wendy Luck’s music is meditative music of the highest order. As I listened I felt with crystal clear clarity, the magic and majesty of ancient Egypt.”
~ Glen Velez, World Music Percussionist

“Wendy Luck is clearly a talented and ambitious performer, comfortable playing in several traditions.” ~ Steve Lowey, All Music Guide

“The sound she creates is at times almost liquid, as though pouring out of the instrument, at others reedy and ethereal – perhaps what the wind might sound like vibrating through the openings in the pyramid. Her technique is on display as well as she flies up and down cadenzas using gymnastic fingering…” ~ Manhattan Plaza News

“The music is meant to rest easily on the ear and transport one to a more peaceful locale. Luck’s recording does just that.” ~ New Life Magazine

“Her training in classical music shows in her control of her instrument’s tone and technique.” ~ Milwaukee Jewish Chronicle

“The music of Wendy Luck is very tranquil and healing and is ideal for meditation and relaxation…new world music for the millennium.”
~ New Living Magazine

“Ranked #8 in our Top Twenty for January 1999” ~ WVKR Radio

The Ancient Key is being featured in radio stations programming new-age/ambient/contemporary instrumental music including Echoes, Musical Starstreams, and Star’s End

What Critics are Saying About Aquatic Information

“Wendy Luck is elegant, hilarious and wise. Aquatic Information is a feast for theatergoers.”  ~ Adriana Trigiani, New York Times Best Selling Author

“An amazing presence on stage.” ~ Beo Morales, Producer

“Wonderful! I loved the show.” ~ Jerome Kitzke, Composer

“A unique, creative vision.” ~ Dave Meade, Drummer